Functional Medicine Consult

We focus on how changes to your diet can help you regain health and prevent future illness.


  • An intensive approach to assessing and improving your health.
  • A whole-systems assessment, testing, and in-depth review of your health history.
  • A process whereby we go beyond treatment of symptoms to addressing the root cause of illness.
  • A partnership that mandates your active participation and involvement.

Some examples of what functional medicine can address:

  • Hormonal Health (including Testing and prescribing bio-identical hormones)
  • Obesity and Body Composition management
  • Conditions of inflammation such as: Gastritis, Arthritis, etc.

To learn more about Functional Medicine, please visit Zazen Wellness.


Zazen is a meditative practice from Zen Buddhist tradition. The method helps achieve calm and insight into life and the nature of being. In search of a name for their collaborative practice, “zazen” resonates with Dr. Tamerisa and Dr. Asamoah as they seek to improve their patients’ health through a multidisciplinary approach that accounts for the very essence of being by integrating conventional with proven alternative medicine, also known as Functional Medicine.

Functional Medicine is individualized and patient-centric. The scientific methods involved take into consideration patients’ unique genome, biochemical, and environmental factors in understanding the complexity of illness. In their practice, this knowledge is harnessed to provide specific treatment plans, including wellness and nutrition education, to achieve superior overall and gastroenterological health outcomes.

It is time to reclaim your health and your life.

We know health concerns put limits on your quality of life. It is hard to see numerous doctors, undergo many tests, and receive treatment options with little relief or results.

At ZAZEN, we strive to help you feel better by balancing conventional medical know-how with alternate therapeutic approaches for long-lasting, sustained results.

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